Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Cloth Diaper Change Kuala Lumpur 2011

Assalamualaikum.. Salam Sejahtera!

How are you guys going? Hope everyone doings great! ;)

Just wanna share with you guys, tomorrow we got event with Cloth Diaper Malaysia. Details as below :)

DATE: 23 April 2011 (Saturday) - In conjunction with EARTH DAY
TIME: Booth opens at 10am until 5.00pm. Booth Setup starts at 9 am.

Scriptory Box, PuchongNo 47, Jalan Meranti Jaya 3/1, Tanming Boulevard,
Taman Meranti Jaya, Puchong.


Dynas will be there for Talk :
“Breastfeeding in Public” by Dynas Moktar (Celebrity & owner of
women’s fashion & breastfeeding line, DnA Boutique)

For event tentative, please visit Cloth Diaper Malaysia

Come and join us there! See ya :)

Admin : Zue

Friday, April 8, 2011

Vacancy at DnA Shop at Curve!

 Assalamualaikum.. Salam Sejahtera!

Messages from Dynas!

I am looking for anyone who would be interested to work with me at my DnA shop in Curve starting next month..

- Preferably female
- 24 or above 
- I would really love it if mothers are interested to work with me
- Can speak both, Malay and English
Kindly send me an email at


Thank you.


Sesiapa yang beminat untuk berkerja dengan Dynas di kedai DnA dekat the Curve bermula bulan hadapan..

- Keutamaan kepada wanita
- 24 tahun dan ke atas
- Kalau ada ibu-ibu yg berminat, digalakkan
- Boleh bertutur dalam bahasa malaysia dan bahasa inggeris

Sila email
Sila sertakan

Nombor telefon:
Telefon Bimbit:

Terima Kasih.


Admin : Zue


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